Hibernate and resume

Timothy Murphy gayleard at eircom.net
Mon Jun 14 11:37:19 UTC 2010

Michal wrote:

> On 14/06/2010 12:00, Timothy Murphy wrote:
>> Slightly OT, perhaps,
>> but I find hibernation works fine under Fedora-13.
>> The only minor problem (if you can call it that)
>> is that ssh connections are lost on resumption.
>> Is there any simple way of overcoming this?
> Your closing the network connection so it will close the SSH
> tunnel...remember your are actually turning off the PC

I sort of understood that,
but just wondered if by chance there was a simple way
of getting hibernate to note which connections it was closing,
and try tp re-open them on when on resumption.

Eg autofs seems to re-mount remote folders easily enough.

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