Unexplained temporary freezes in Thunderbird Fedora 13

Dale J. Chatham dale at chatham.org
Mon Jun 14 17:08:14 UTC 2010

On 06/14/2010 12:04 PM, Steven Stern wrote:
> On 06/14/2010 11:50 AM, Jerry Feldman wrote:
>> In the past, Thunderbird would freeze temporarily while waiting to
>> obtain a GPG key or to load some graphics. However in Thunderbird 3.04
>> on Fedora 13 (x86_64) I'm seeing some issues where the screen goes dark,
>> even while I am composing. After a short while, it cathes up. My system
>> is an x86_64 system with 6GB RAM and an AMD quad core processor. I have
>> 2 sources I get email from, (1) gmail via IMAP, (2) my ISP via POP.
>> AFAIK, Thunderbird downloads new email in the background, and has not
>> affected the performance. What is annoying is that this freeze occurs
>> while composing email, so that the other things, like waiting for a GPG
>> key to be downloaded or waiting for a very large email body to display
>> is not in play. I'm looking to see if anyone else is experiencing
>> similar issues for corroboration purposes.  For instance, I encountered
>> it this morning before leaving for work. My system was relatively idle
>> with firefox and Gnome-terminal running. I think I had about 3
>> relatively non-dynamic websites on firefox at the time.
> Try turning off global indexing.

I only see the "hang" when I upgrade T-Bird.  Once I put up with the 
eons that the first access takes, it's pretty easy to live with.

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