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On 06/14/2010 01:07 PM, Dale J. Chatham wrote:
> Yeah, just caught that after I hit send.
> But to answer your question, I have *NEVER* posted this way.  You're 
> fighting over 15 years of training to do it otherwise.
> I frankly think such control is a bit Draconian, but it's not my list, 
> so, I'll do the best I can.  But, given 15 years, and this being the 
> *ONLY* list (of upward of 50 that I'm on) that insists on this standard, 
> well, do the math.
Let's not get into a flame war over this. I belong to and run a number
of listservs going back nearly 20 years. Many lists I am on (or have
been on) have the "though shalt not top post" commandment. There is a
sound reasoning for it. While I don't personally care whether a person
top posts or bottom posts, it has been the rule on this list as long as
I can remember. To specifically mention another list, I used to be on
the SuSE Linux English list that had the same rule.

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