top posting flame war (was NFS)

Jerry Feldman gaf at
Mon Jun 14 20:47:11 UTC 2010

On 06/14/2010 04:24 PM, g wrote:
> why changed settings. how would google or any email client know what
> you want to reply to?
> i know gmail and thunderbird do not know what i want to reply to, so
> i have them set to start at top of quoted message
While many email programs, such as T-Bird give you a choice of either
top or bottom posting, some email programs can be set up on a per folder
basis. When I reply in my Fedora list folder, my cursor is positioned at
the bottom, but in some other folders I have it set up to top post. I
don't remember where or how I set this up, but that is the way I have
mine set up, and have had since shortly after I adopted T-Bird. I also
know that Claws could do this. I don't know what capabilities other
email programs have.

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