Amazing problem of /boot

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Tue Jun 15 07:26:45 UTC 2010

Ok, i really got confused. I have some other basic doubts which are as

1. If by mistake or unfortunately, the password is typed wrong two or three
times at the time while PC restarts (the password set via BIOS), are there
chances that the system may be locked or any other problem may come? and the
same question for grub.conf encrypted passwords.

2. For disabling Ctrl+Alt+Del from restarting computer in Console mode, all
we have to do is uncommenting the line:

ca:12345:ctrlaltdel:/sbin/shutdown -t1 -a -r now

in the /etc/inittab file. But my /etc/inittab file yields the output:


# inittab is only used by upstart for the default runlevel.
# System initialization is started by /etc/event.d/rcS
# Individual runlevels are started by /etc/event.d/rc[0-6]
# Ctrl-Alt-Delete is handled by /etc/event.d/control-alt-
# Terminal gettys (tty[1-6]) are handled by /etc/event.d/tty[1-6] and
# /etc/event.d/serial
# For information on how to write upstart event handlers, or how
# upstart works, see init(8), initctl(8), and events(5).
# Default runlevel. The runlevels used are:
#   0 - halt (Do NOT set initdefault to this)
#   1 - Single user mode
#   2 - Multiuser, without NFS (The same as 3, if you do not have
#   3 - Full multiuser mode
#   4 - unused
#   5 - X11
#   6 - reboot (Do NOT set initdefault to this)


where there is no line as '

ca:12345:ctrlaltdel:/sbin/shutdown -t1 -a -r now'.

So how could it be done?


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> > but if we have more kernels, it occupies more space, may be less,
> > though it may be good for testing purpose but for disk utility is it
> > okay always to have more than one kernel?
> I think some meaning is getting lost in translation.
> Unless you're running out of free space, or updates take too long to
> complete (as the computer has more files to compare), it's useful to
> keep more kernels.  Only the one that you booted from is used, at the
> time.
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