iPod touch and F13?

James Wellnitz jwellnitz at gmail.com
Tue Jun 15 14:19:01 UTC 2010

I had my iPod Touch working with gtkpod fairly reliably on F12.  The
F13 support seems to be there (rhythmbox and gtkpod see the device
without any special configuration) but it looks like the iPod is
effectively mounted in a directory owned by root as my normal user
can't write to it.

I ran gtkpod as root and got a few tracks added, but that's not really
pretty.  As someone else mentioned, it could be something with SELinux
as well.

I haven't looked into it further than that.  I frequently hit the
"Updating library - this may take a few minutes" screen going for
hours problem, so I only sync this thing when I have a couple of hours
to burn.

-- Jamie

On Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 10:00 AM, Todd Zullinger <tmz at pobox.com> wrote:
> Hi Andre,
> Andre Costa wrote:
>> Nice, didn't know about it, thks for the pointer. But, the thing is:
>> I have already used iTunes to transfer music to the iPod (in fact,
>> rhythmbox recognizes it already has 444 songs in it), but there's no
>> 'Device' folder on the 'iTunes_Control' folder, which goes against
>> what's said on that page.
>> So, my question is: is it safe to create such dir, specially
>> considering I already used iTunes on this iPod?
> Unfortunately, I don't know the answer to this.  It's possible that
> some other manual step is needed or that the libgpod packages are
> missing something which would automate this process a little better.
> I thought that for a device which had been initialized with iTunes,
> the current libgpod in Fedora 13 would "just work."
> I just asked Christophe Fergeau, one of the main libgpod contributors
> and he confirmed that in general, it should work.  There is currently
> an upstream bug involving playlists.  Christophe suggested testing
> whether adding a track to the main iPod library works and "wait 15
> seconds after the transfer ends."  Another helpful soul in #gtkpod on
> freenode mentioned that since the sync happens with a slight delay, a
> common problem is unplugging the device too soon after the files are
> transferred.
> Another thing to check is that there are no SELinux denials blocking
> the udev callout from working.  This is intended to take the manual
> setup work out of the picture by running whenever an iPod is plugged
> in.  I think we got selinux policy updated, but it never hurts to be
> sure.  If it needs an update, the good folks maintaining SELinux are
> very quick about pushing policy fixes.
> I don't have any of the newer Apple hardware to test so I can't
> generally poke at this stuff myself.  (And I believe my days of owning
> Apple hardware, nice as it may be, are over.  Chasing down how to make
> it work on any non-Apple sanctioned operating systems has grown old.)
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