iPod touch and F13?

Todd Zullinger tmz at pobox.com
Tue Jun 15 16:12:21 UTC 2010

Hi Andre,

Andre Costa wrote:
> Yeah, I hoped it would just work when I read F13 release notes, too
> :-(

I just noticed that we don't have the latest libgpod included in F-13.
I'm correcting that now, which might help.  The changes from 0.7.91 to
0.7.93 include:

* various bug fixes in HAL/udev iPhone callout which would make it
  fail to dump SysInfoExtended more often than not.

That looks a lot like the cause of the problem you're having.  I just
submitted the package for updates-testing, it'll show up there in the
next push (a day or so at most).  If you want to test it sooner (and
provide feedback, good or bad), see:


>> Another thing to check is that there are no SELinux denials
>> blocking the udev callout from working.  This is intended to take
>> the manual setup work out of the picture by running whenever an
>> iPod is plugged in.  I think we got selinux policy updated, but it
>> never hurts to be sure.  If it needs an update, the good folks
>> maintaining SELinux are very quick about pushing policy fixes.
> Right, I'll keep an eye on that. Can I assume that any denials would
> popup on that app that monitors SELinux problems? (it is enabled
> here) Or should I search log files for any problems?

Yeah, I would think they'd show up in the setroubleshoot tray icon.
It should also be logged to the audit log (/var/log/audit/audit.log).
That was more of a longshot guess.  I think now that updating to the
latest libgpod is more likely to help.

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