Another funny update?

Marcel Rieux m.z.rieux at
Tue Jun 15 23:03:41 UTC 2010

On Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 5:05 PM, David Boles <dgboles at> wrote:

> Fedora provides you, free of charge, a perfectly good, working,
> operating system. And they maintain that system. As provided.
> You modified it by adding a package, or packages, from a non Fedora
> site(s). Fedora provided improvements and bug fixes for the system that
> they provide and maintain that 'broke' when you modified that system?
> You modified your system. So you should fix it.

Did you read this message:

How can rpmfusion provide the module for a kernel it's not expecting because
the one in testing -- posted yesterday!!!! -- is an earlier kernel? This
seems to me like an important post and everybody ignores it.

rpmfusion is not at fault. Unless it's admissible for Fedora to play tricks
on rpmfusion, the whole problem is with Fedora.

If there's something I don't get, what is it?

As for your "did you know", I said I know all that. Here, no doubt. I just
believe that updates should work without any problem. This unannounced new
kernel business is just crazy. There's no need for this.
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