growisofs crashes system (NEVER MIND)

Ed Greshko Ed.Greshko at
Wed Jun 16 02:36:47 UTC 2010

I wrote the absurd blurb below.....  Forget what I said.  I was confused
on what command I was talking about....

Interesting.   Good to know you can recreate the problem without
actually wasting media.

Since in your previous example you used "/usr/bin/growisofs -Z /dev/sr0
-R -J My-Movie/"  I assume you are creating a DVD movie.
I'd have to dig up VOB's to try this...don't have some handy.  So, maybe
it will be easier for you to see if this also fails.

/usr/bin/growisofs -Z /dev/sr0 -dvd-video My-Movie/

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