Unexplained temporary freezes in Thunderbird Fedora 13

Jerry Feldman gaf at blu.org
Wed Jun 16 20:25:16 UTC 2010

On 06/16/2010 02:50 PM, g wrote:
> Jerry Feldman wrote:
> <snip>
>> Now, other things seem to be misbehaving with Thunderbird.
>> First, I've had top running and when it seems to freeze, I'm seeing
>> Thunderbird taking about 100% of the CPU. So it seems that T-Bird gets
> <snip>
> you are starting to see reasons i am glad i am still running :)
> i follow thunderbird tsl and what you are now having problems with is
> nothing new.
> many of "features" in 3.0.x have been nothing but pita.
> cures have ranged from, and include all of, disabling auto sort, auto
> archive, and several others that i do not recall at moment.
> i will gladly search my files for 'cures', or you can run a google advanced
> search looking for '100% cpu usage', 'freeze', auto's in above.
> i would run thru my files now, but i need to run out for a couple hours and
> should return after 20:00 or 21:00 utc.
> will check this thread first thing when i return.
> solutions to your problems have been disabling "features" to upgrading.
> because of various problems with 3.0.x versions, an upgrade to 3.1 or
> higher is better.
> i know this can be a problem under linux, but there are ways.
> later.
BTW: I am subscribed to the Thunderbird list, but I have not had the
time to follow it recently. As I mentioned before, I have been ignoring
my friend Google :-)

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