Another funny update?

Bruno Wolff III bruno at
Thu Jun 17 03:02:09 UTC 2010

On Wed, Jun 16, 2010 at 19:52:49 -0400,
  Marcel Rieux <m.z.rieux at> wrote:
> Isn't RPMfusion preparing its upcoming module according to the kernel
> version that is in Testing? I would think that RPMfusion has a nice working
> module for kernel Since Fedora decided instead to update
> with without a warning ,they might decide to never
> provide the module for this kernel.

They have other ways to see what kernels are being built. They also should
notice that the testing version is older and that some sort of oops occured
and not waste their time making a kmod for it.

> If there was no way, Fedora should provide excuses. Or, if Fedora doesn't
> want to play the game with RPMfusion because NVIDIA drivers are not open
> source, they should say so and everybody will move to Nouveau. People using
> Fedora will know that NVIDIA drivers are not available.

Fedora pretty much does say people should use Nouveau. Some people need
more performance and using the RPMFusion versions to do that. However
doing that has trade offs. Using those drivers cause problems and people
hopefully are making intelligent decisions about whether or not that using
them is a good trade off.

> What is unacceptable is the present situation, where you can't get a shade
> of an explanation as to what happened. From a serious distro, this is
> totally unacceptable.

You continue to complain to the wrong people. RPMFusion supports the
rpms for the proprietary nVidia drivers and if you want anything to
change, you should be complaining to them, as they are the ones that
need to fix things.

> So, let me ask: why wasn't the kernel in testing released? If the one that
> has finally been offered was deemed better, why wasn't it put in testing
> before release?

I usually run kernels from the Koji builds so I don't know which kernels
were in testing and updates in what order. However if you want to be able
to make some guesses you might try reading the change logs in the kernel
spec file. (You can see them on koji without having to download the srpms.)

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