SOLVED - Anyone got sound with Intel ICH10 chipset? (stopped after F13 upgrade)

Graham TerMarsch fedora at
Thu Jun 17 05:49:10 UTC 2010

Ok... I've *finally* managed to figure out what's going on here...

In the end, turned out to be a bug in GStreamer, and that *downgrading* to the 
previous version of the RPM fixed everything up for me.

The bug in question turns out to be:

which is also covered over on Gnome BZ as:

After downgrading from:
everything works *GREAT* again.  FYI, the "0.10.21-2" version is the one that 
ships on the Fedora 13 ISO image; it shouldn't be hard to hunt down.

After downgrading, all of my sound problems went away... stuff using Phonon as 
the back-end works like it shound, and Amarok plays song after song after song 
without a single stutter at all.


On June 14, 2010, Graham TerMarsch wrote:
> Digging into this further, I'm seeing that "Phonon" is the culprit here...
> If I use mplayer, rhythmbox, or banshee to pump audio through PulseAudio,
> it works fine.
> Amarok (and all of KDE for that matter), when pumping audio through Phonon,
> gets all botched up.
> For fun, I tried updating to the latest KDE/Qt packages in
> "updates-testing", but they exhibit the same problem; stuttered audio on
> second song, sometimes requiring me to quit and restart Amarok before I
> can get it back on track (ooh, for all of _one_ song). :|

Graham TerMarsch

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