Initiating "squid.conf" for a desktop PC with FC11

Parshwa Murdia b330bkn at
Thu Jun 17 06:41:10 UTC 2010

First of all, I installed the squid (SQUID 3.0.STABLE25) via yum as:

<root password>
yum install squid*
yum list squid
cd /etc/squid

The output of the last command ('ls') is:

cachemgr.conf          mime.conf              squid.conf.default
cachemgr.conf.default  mime.conf.default      squidGuard.conf
errors                 msntauth.conf          squidGuard.conf.rpmnew
icons                  msntauth.conf.default
mib.txt                squid.conf

I am using FC11.
Squid not activated (only installed via yum).

Installed squid only for the desktop single PC and is to be used for the
single PC only. The main reasons to implement it is:

1. Speed improvement (or bandwidth improvement)
2. For security purpose so that intruders or transpassers cannot keep an

How could it be activated and implemented in FC11?
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