Backing store issue in FC12

vinod gullu vinodkgul at
Thu Jun 17 10:57:26 UTC 2010

Dear All,

I have installed FC12 64 bit on my  PC. When i am longing into another PC and trying to open the graphics applications on remote PC, The window becomes black .

I have put Option "BackingStore" "on" in my xorg.conf in Device section. 

 But now the moment I log into another M/C and launch the graphics application on remote M/C, The system logs out from remote as well as local M/C.

Any diagnosis for this?

Thanks in advance

VINOD KUMAR GULERIA ADD/AERO VSSC, TRIVANDRUMKERLA- 695022 0471-2564429,2564938(OFFICE)+91 9447109608 (RES)


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