32bit Vs 64bit OS

Chris Adams cmadams at hiwaay.net
Fri Jun 18 20:05:43 UTC 2010

Once upon a time, Jerry Feldman <gaf at blu.org> said:
> But, in my experience with 64-bit going back 16 
> years there are some applications that will run faster if built for 
> 32-bit and some will run faster if built for 64-bit.

In the specific case of i386 to x86_64, you get better performance for
64 bit in many more cases because of the larger register set in x86_64.
This isn't the case with some other architectures (e.g. SPARC or PPC),
but is why 64 bit on Intel/AMD architectures is almost always a "win"
compared to 32 bit on the same CPU.
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