Can't see MacBook Air airport after kernel upgrade

Colin Paul Adams colin at
Sat Jun 19 20:53:44 UTC 2010

>>>>> "Colin" == Colin Paul Adams <colin at> writes:

    Colin> Hello, My MacBook Air, running Fedora 12 (only - no Mac OSX
    Colin> or anything else present) was working fine last night. I hit
    Colin> the orange star to do an upgrade.

    Colin> Today, the system could not see an eth0 wireless device (the
    Colin> Airport).

    Colin> I edited grub.conf to say default=1, so as to reboot the
    Colin> previous kernel. Now all is working fine (so I'm not too
    Colin> concerned).

    Colin> That previous (working) kernel is

    Colin> The newer (not so good) kernel is

    Colin> Do I need to open a bugzilla ticket for this? If so, are
    Colin> there any special keywords/terms I should use to make sure it
    Colin> gets seen by the tight people?

    Colin> Hm. 10 seconds after I sent this message, I see there is
    Colin> another update available - for kmod-wl. Maybe this is
    Colin> relevant.

Yes, that was it. 127 is working fine again. it's just a matter of the
timing of the updates.

Sorry for the noise.
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire
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