wifi access from laptop to starbucks wifi

Bill Davidsen davidsen at tmr.com
Mon Jun 21 16:09:59 UTC 2010

bruce wrote:
> hey.
> looking at using the wifi at starbucks, given that it's going to be
> free in july!
> i'm looking for detailed steps from anyone who's actually used a
> public starbucks wifi access.
> my system is fedora, running network-setup. i don't have/use/want
> networkmanager!
> so i'm looking for the actual steps to use using the cmd line functions.
> i've seen different sites, that have different processes, so i fugured
> i'd turn to here.
Do make sure you figure out how to do a secure connect, unless you want to share 
with everyone there. I despise NM, but the CLI seems to change just a little 
with upgrades, public WiFi frequently has its own ideas of connect protocols, 
and life is short. Draw what conclusions you will from that, but be aware that 
CLI is a lot easier for wires than WiFi.

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