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JD jd1008 at
Tue Jun 22 05:16:23 UTC 2010

On 06/21/2010 09:41 PM, Roger was caught red-handed while writing::
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>>> I have tried all of the PPD drivers that the printer
>>> setup  gui provides for this printer. None of them
>>> has helped. Printer does not have any problems
>>> printing under windows xp, so that rules out printer
>>> hardware issues.
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> Hi JD
> The problem will more likely be not using the correct ppd file. I
> suspect you need a PCL ppd file
> As with my system the ppd files supplied in Fedora do not work well, I
> had to get the correct ppd from the printer manufacturer's site.
> Having said that you really should have no problem with HP LaserJet 4,
> others use that printer ok.
> 4 updates ago in Fedora 11 it changed my FX C2100 DocuPrint ppd to the
> HP LaserJet 4 ppd driver and it still worked but then  a subsequent
> update made it fail and I had to resort to manual install of the
> appropriate ppd file as per below.
> Hope this helps.
> Roger
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>> I have a Xerox Phaser 6130 printer.  It does not seem to be recognized
>> by my F13 install (fully updated on a Dell Dimension desktop).  I can
>> go to Admin ->   Printing, but the only options are printer port or
>> serial port.  I could also specify a URI, but I do not know what the
>> URI specification for the printer should be.  Usb://..something, but I
>> don't know how to determine the "something" part.
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> This seems to be a problem with USB Xerox printers in Fedora.
> I too have had the same problems since Fedora 9 and10.
> Ubuntu 10.4 just installed it without any effort on my part.
> You have to have system-config-printers, Foomatic, cups printers, etc
> installed and you have to go to the Xerox site and get the appropriate
> ppd file.
> For my Fuji Xeros C2100 I needed .. PCL_DocuPrint-C2100.ppd.
> It's a plain text file.
> Install this in /usr/share/cups/model/
> There are also pxlcolor.ppd, pxlmono.ppd, textonly.ppd in that directory.
> In the<System><administration><Printers>  select the parallel port
> option so your printer is recognised by the computer.
> Select "Provide ppd" option and navigate to the ppd that you installed
> as above.
> Your computer should then find the printer and list it in the printers
> If you go to printer properties you should see the printer listed in the
> Device URI as something like this usb://FUJI%20XEROX/DocuPrint%20C2100
> which is my Device URI
> The printer should work
> Unfortunately Fedora do not provide a usb printer selection option so
> its gotta be done through the back door manually.
> Hope this helps
> Roger
Thank you ROger.
A few minutes ago I decided to do a full update.
Lo and behold, there were just newly released packages
for foomatic, and foomatic ppd's,  cups and among others
related to printing. Some required a reboot.
So I rebooted and ran system -> Administration -> Printing
and deleted the existing LJ4 configuration and created a
new printer for it and selected the usual driver recommnded
by this utility -
i.e. HP LaserJet 4L Foomatic/gutenprint-ijs-simplified.5.2
Then I printed a test page and now ALL IS WELL!!
So, it was indeed the previous version of PPD's that were
installed by the preceding foomatic and cups packages.
Thing is: how sneaky of them to fix it without responding
to my plea for help (I submitted the problem to openrinting
which provides the ppd's for just about most printers).

Whoever you are who fixed the ppd's for the LJ4: Mega Thanx,
but you should not have broken and released it in the first place.



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