Configuring Evolution toolbar icons

Suvayu Ali fatkasuvayu+linux at
Tue Jun 22 06:30:15 UTC 2010

Hi Patrick,

On Monday 21 June 2010 01:47 PM, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
> How can I change this? I've already asked on the Evo list and no-one
> seems to know. It must be some theme magic, but where?

I think this is a desktop theme setting. I don't use KDE or Evo, but I 
have seen changing themes on XFCE or Gnome affect icons in some GTK 
applications. So maybe you could try changing the theme and see whether 
that helps? A note though, if the theme you change to doesn't have any 
icons associated to those buttons, you might still see the old icons.

> poc

Hope this was of some help.


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