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Wed Jun 23 01:38:04 UTC 2010

Mats wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to have (at least) two linux-system (no windows) on the same hd.
> If I make two partitions for the first (/ and swap) and then the same
> with the other one. Is that ok? All detailed explanation I've seen is
> about installing windows and linux and that's not what I want.

well, lets see, you make no mention of same or different distribs.

if same distribs;
 same versions? different configurations?
 one for test? one for work?

regardless of intent, you should have separate swap partitions so you have
ability to sleep/suspend either with out effect to other. also, check fstab
so that neither has other's swap as you can/might over write resume info.

each linux '/' should have it's own /boot. if you mount inactive '/' in a
subdirectory of other, ie, /mnt/part1, /mnt/part2 you have ability to pick
one linux to maintain grub's boot sector for both or multi installs.

this is done by coping lines from inactive /boot/grub/grub.conf to active
/boot/grub/grub.conf. saves worry about chain loader, tho you still install
to inactive grub's '/' partition during initial install. when you have a
kernel update, simply copy in new lines and you are good to boot.

as in all cases of new kernels, leave old lines in event you have a kernel
failure and need to recover with previous kernel.

you can share a '/home' partition if you give same user of each install a
different home directory to log into. ie, myhome-f12, myhome-f13, or
myhome-wk, myhome-tst. also, user can/should have same name and user id to
make file sharing easier.

this works, as i am using such for 2 installs of scientific linux and
2 fedora installs.



peace out.



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