multibooting linux

Patrick Bartek bartek047 at
Wed Jun 23 01:45:40 UTC 2010

--- On Tue, 6/22/10, Mats <unix at> wrote:

> I want to have (at least) two linux-system (no windows) on
> the same hd.
> If I make two partitions for the first (/ and swap) and
> then the same
> with the other one. Is that ok? All detailed explanation
> I've seen is
> about installing windows and linux and that's not what I
> want.

You don't need multiple swaps: Linux can share one without problems.  A shared /boot partition is possible, too.  However, I would not share any others, and that includes /home.

The best way to boot multiple Linuxes is to have grub of your primary "default" Linux installed on the MBR, have the grub of each of the other Linuxes installed on their repective / partitions, and chainload them from the primary grub.conf file  This way when you update one or any of the other Linuxes, it won't screw up any of the other configurations.  This set up will work across multiple hard drives, too.

This is the way I have my box set up, which at the moment only has Fedora 12 and 9 installed, but at one time, I had about 6 Linux distros on it.


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