USB Printer Install help needed

Roger arelem at
Wed Jun 23 08:01:11 UTC 2010

Hi Tim
Many thanks for your email

On 06/22/2010 09:52 PM, Tim Waugh wrote:
> On Tue, 2010-06-22 at 12:39 +1000, Roger wrote:
>> This seems to be a problem with USB Xerox printers in Fedora.
>> I too have had the same problems since Fedora 9/10.
>> Ubuntu just installed it without any effort on my part.
> Roger, I think you are confusing two issues. The OP was saying that
> they did not see the USB device listed in the available devices screen.
> As that is not usual I have asked for more information about that.
--- Yes, I found the same, no USB.

Of course Fedora allows you to select USB devices as printers.
----I have not found it to be so.
I think you are confusing device selection with driver selection.
---- No that's not quite right, in 'Add New Printer' there is only 
'Network Printers' until authentication then 'LPT #1 and Serial Port #1' 
are displayed.
---- I couldn't select a driver until a device (printer) is selected so 
I chose LPT #1 device then 'Provide PPD file' then navigated to the ppd..
----After that printer properties displays the the usb://path.

Hope this helps
thanks again Tim.

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