yum 'shortcomings'?

Alexander Volovics a.volovic at upcmail.nl
Wed Jun 23 10:41:10 UTC 2010


I recently installed gnome-commander.
Because gnome-commander needs 'meld', 'exiv2-libs', 'gnome-vfs2-smb'
these were also installed.

Today I removed gnome-commander with 'yum remove' but yum did not
include (or even suggest) meld, exiv2libs and gnome-vfs2-smb for
removal. Why?

These packages were exclusively associated with gnome-commander.
No other app needs them!

I know yum builds on rpm and rpm itself is not so versatile with
respect to removal but shouldn't yum(rpm) include some more stringent
'removal-options' (including removing the gnome-commander created
directory ".gnome-commander" in the home folder).

apt/synaptic seems to include a 'complete removal' option.


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