Ideas for integrating a SIP account, N900, Magic Jack, Linux, etc...

JD jd1008 at
Wed Jun 23 17:13:27 UTC 2010

> I'm looking for some ideas on overhauling/revamping our telephone
> system.
> We are two busy working professionals.  We spend half our weekends away
> from home.   My wife still has an iPhone.  I'm getting an N900.   We
> have a landline with (terrible) voice mail service.
> I want to tie it all together, somehow.
> I'd like to get a VOIP account somewhere and connect to it with a SIP
> server of some sort so that I can do things with that connection.
> I'd like all our voicemails to be stored on that SIP server, so we don't
> have to erase them, etc.  Actually, I'd like to get them as emails that
> we can listen to and organize.
> I'd like to be able to call into my SIP server with the N900 and maybe
> the iPhone and then make (cheap) calls anywhere.
> Can one share a Magic Jack connection as a SIP service ?
> How can I use Linux to do some of this stuff without resort to a full
> blown asterisk installation ?
> Thanks !
If you want your SIP server to be your vmail host for
all your phone numbers, then you will have to program
your cell phones and your land line to forward all calls
to the SIP server, which will have the VOIP phone number.
This means that you will not hear any incoming calls
on your cell phones, and land line.
There might be a way for you to buy a service from the
cell carriers and land line carrier to only forward
the voice mails to your SIP server - you will have to
find out for yourself.
If that is available and you buy it, then you will have
to program your SIP server to email you and attach an mp3
file of each vmail message.

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