Ideas for integrating a SIP account, N900, Magic Jack, Linux, etc...

Linuxguy123 linuxguy123 at
Wed Jun 23 21:15:22 UTC 2010

On Wed, 2010-06-23 at 10:29 -0700, Rick Stevens wrote:

> I don't have much experience with "consumer-aimed" VOIP systems, but 
> here's my two cents worth:

Very informative post.  Thanks for sharing.  I'll comment once I digest
everything that was in there.

Running asterisk on a WRT is uber cool !

FWIW, people are doing some interesting things with unlocked Linksys
PAP2 devices as well.

I think I'm about ready to get rid of my landline for good.

How does SIPWitch fit into all this ?

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