Resizing LVM-formatted partitions

g geleem at
Thu Jun 24 19:47:08 UTC 2010

Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:

> I want to increase the size of /boot from 190MB to 500MB. If I use
> gparted, I'm afraid of screwing up the LVM partition since gparted
> doesn't understand LVM.

one of reasons i disliked and stopped using lvm in early days. no way to
simply change a physical to logical. may be now, do not know.

what a friend told me he had to do one time when needed to convert was
build a system with lvm, place drive with physical and logical in it.

next copied files in physical off drive to new system. reformatted physical
to a logical and copied files back.

when he replaced drive back into original box, all went well.

i do believe he had to make changes to fstab, and something else, but i
do not recall.



peace out.



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