Thunderbird and other email clients versus Evolution...

Joerg Bergmann email at
Fri Jun 25 16:16:32 UTC 2010

Am 25.06.2010 17:32, schrieb Linuxguy123:
> I've been using evolution forever.  It works.  Its very unstable in F13
> and its generally been a bit of a hit and miss application for me.
> I have half a dozen email accounts and I am subscribed to about 20 mail
> lists.  I have evolution sorting everything into about a dozen folders.
> How would Thunderbird fare doing this and how does it compare to
> Evolution ?
> What other email clients should I be interested in ?
> Thanks !
I use both Thunderbird plus Evolution, on different PCs.
My experience about the difference:
-Evolution is a calendar/workgroup client, which is
thunderbird not. Yes, there is a calendar extension
to thunderbird. Maybe other extensions too. I do
not use these features.
-Evolution maybe opened multiple times. Thunderbird
not, but thunderbird opens mails using tabs similar
to firefox. Evolution will open a new window.
-My general experience: Thunderbird is more stable
compared to Evolution, at now.
-Both can handle multiple accounts, filter rules etc.


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