T-bird pop mail files -

Bob Goodwin bobgoodwin at wildblue.net
Fri Jun 25 16:36:20 UTC 2010

On 25/06/10 12:15, Craig White wrote:
> On Fri, 2010-06-25 at 12:05 -0400, Bob Goodwin wrote:
>> It seems I ask this question after every new Fedora release. How do
>>      I go about transferring my Thunderbird pop mail files from this F-12
>>      computer to a second computer running F-13.
> your emails are all undoubtedly stored in a subdirectory
> titled .thunderbird (note the dot makes it invisible to many things) and
> inside a generated profile directory but you could actually copy the
> entire directory if you wish. For example, on my system...
>   .thunderbird/3cdy05wk.default/Mail/
> the 3cdy05wk.default is the generated profile directory and my Mail is
> actually inside the Mail directory
> Personally, I have found it more advantageous to run my own mail server
> and even run fetchmail to get the mail from various pop accounts, filter
> it, and then run an IMAP server so I see the same e-mail regardless of
> which computer I use in my house. That is a bit more ambitious but
> definitely a better solution for accessing email from multiple
> computers.
> Craig

    And what is the proper command to accomplish this?

    There are a number of sub directories  under :


    I never seem to get that right. If I could replace everything in the
    new system it seems it should work but apparently I keep making the
    same mistakes.


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