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g geleem at bellsouth.net
Sat Jun 26 00:11:19 UTC 2010

Bob Goodwin wrote:
> It seems I ask this question after every new Fedora release. How do
> I go about transferring my Thunderbird pop mail files from this F-12
> computer to a second computer running F-13.

and you will probably ask again. ;)

in order to transfer your files, read and bookmark these links;


also, check links within pages. check at bottom of pages where they show
'see also' and 'external links'

a 'cut and dry', easy method:

in your old home directory, you will find a directory '.thunderbird'. 'cd'
down thru path to 'profile' directory, where you will find a directory
with a name of 'Mail' in it. below this is where your email accounts and
'Local Folders' are stored.

copy the entire path from 'Mail' to a cd/dvd or 'usb memory stick' or 'usb
disk drive'.

open thunderbird in your new install and then close it. this will build
your new '.thunderbird' in new install home directory.

'cd' down thru path to 'profile' directory, where you will find directory
'Mail'. rename to 'Mail.00' or what ever.

you will also see a file in 'profile' directory named 'panacea.dat'. delete

copy your old installation's 'Mail' from your backup to your 'profile'

open thunderbird in new install. thunderbird will take a few minutes to
rebuild 'panacea.dat' for your accounts and emails. then it will open with
'account tree' collapsed. click [+] to left side of account names and
'Local Folders' and you will see all of you email folders restored.

> I've been running Redhat and Fedora Linux since 1999 and have never
> once succeeded in transferring my mail files.

follow above links and 2010 will be year you will set history for a new
achievement. :D



peace out.



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