[Bulk] Re: Discussion/help re: spellcheck shortcut ?!?

William Case billlinux at rogers.com
Sun Jun 27 01:05:11 UTC 2010

Hi Tim;

On Sun, 2010-06-27 at 09:13 +0930, Tim wrote:
> On Sat, 2010-06-26 at 15:36 -0400, William Case wrote:
> > I would like to create a script or other programming that I can bind
> > to a shortcut key (Say Ctrl+Alt+F7) that does the following as I am
> > typing:
> You should say /what/ program you're typing into.

 I was trying to avoid naming a specific program. I wanted a
script/program that was as universal as possible.  Since most programs
use hunspell as their backend and most of spellchecking seems to work
the same in most applicaations, I thought this would be possible.  I can
see perhaps the need for separate key binding of the script to the keys
from program to program but one simple program should do it.  Maybe my
assumption is wrong.

In the interests of a complete answer, I would most likely use it in
programs like Write, gnote, evolution compositer, gedit etc..  I suspect
(I know) something like emacs would of course be different.

I just find correcting misspelled words as I type is always a bit of a
fumble to get back to the word with the mouse or the keyboard, right
click to get the context menu and then replace the word.

The misspelling is not only flagged in the text, somewhere in memory or
in a variable it must also be flagged. {Shrug -- maybe I am wrong}

Regards Bill
Fedora 12, Gnome 2.28
Evo.2.28, Emacs 23.1.1

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