Top posting

Julius Smith jos at
Sun Jun 27 07:35:12 UTC 2010

Some points:

* Top posting is more efficient for all if the context is clear

* Top posting makes it easier to respond to only one point of many

* For the blind listening to text-to-speech reading of the page,
top-posting is the only way to go

* I vote for top-posting, including quoted snippets above when needed
to set context ("partial interleaved posting", really).  There are
good examples of this earlier in this thread.

* I have no problem with full quoted blather after the post as long as
I don't have to read it.  Email clients suppress its display, it's not
that much extra disk space, and it could be detected and converted to
a pointer if one cared about squeezing out the redundancy (e.g., for
archival storage).  It also of course enables deletion of all previous
messages in the thread without losing anything.

"Anybody who knows all about nothing knows everything" -- Leonard Susskind

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