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Mike Wright mike.wright at
Mon Jun 28 18:10:43 UTC 2010

Hi all,

Trying desperately not to rant but am very frustrated by this.

I made the mistake of adding the Weather applet to a toolbar and now I 
can't turn it off (tcpdump shows it phoning home).

Right click the applet and unclick Update.  No go.  Updates anyway.  OK. 
  Remove applet from toolbar.  No go.  Updates anyway.

OK.  Logout/Login.  Still insists on updating.

I never reboot.  OK, reboot.  Still calling home to NOAA.  What???

Can't figure out the name of the program that the applet calls so I 
can't manually destroy the pestilence.  This apparently is not something 
considered worth noting in the Help/About links and is certainly not 
available from the Add to Panel function.

Where is it registered and how in the !#@$ do I kill it?

Second question is how do we learn the names of the programs that are 
invoked by these applets?  If I can't learn the name how do I yum 
update/remove short of rm -rf /?

This is with Weather Report (/usr/bin/you'll never find me, 
Copper ;) on f10.

Bug, idiot, both? (cheap shot accepted)

Sign this wasted way too many hours,
Mike Wright

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