What the %$%@ is up with firefox

Tim Van Dyne Tim.VanDyne at valleyair.org
Mon Jun 28 20:12:17 UTC 2010

>>> It's not "my" Firefox that has problems, it's Firefox that has
>>> It doesn't render pages correctly, it crashes often, particularly on
>>> pages that have flash, and it consumes huge amounts of memory and
>> The "particularly on pages that have flash" bit should give you a
>> clue that this isn't an FF issue. Flash is an absolute pig, even
>> consuming cycles after the relevant tab is closed.
>> Blame the right software! Disable flash and see how many of these
>> clear up for you.
>> -Chris
>Yes, flash on Linux has issues, but those issues don't seem to affect
>Chrome as much.  I don't have Chrome suddenly go away while I'm
>some website as often happens with Firefox.  But even when I'm not 
>visiting sites that use flash FF still consumes a lot of memory. At 
>least once a day I have to stop and restart FF because it stops 
>rendering pages correctly or refuses to render a page.

The fact that I've yet to experience any of these issues since 3.0.x on
any of the *nix systems I've worked with just strikes me as odd is all.
Yes if I leave FF open to a site with seriously heavy Flash it does
start leaking memory like none other and can consume upwards of 1GB
depending on how many tabs are open.  

I'd also point out that with 50-60 tabs open at any given time I've
simply not experienced the issues you're having with it personally.
Newest release included.

I use 3 extensions.  The majority of the desktops I use have 2-4GB RAM,
my main one has 8GB which is noticably quicker to react when I'm being
ridiculous with my tab count.

I would blame Flash or the websites you visit...but then again with all
the things I hear about Flash having problems, the crashes I've
experienced are few and far in between and usually only with ads on news
sites that attempt to render a transparency over the entire page (isnt
that fun?).  

I didn't mean to sound like I was lashing out but I do hope that I
sounded logical in the sense that delcaring FailWhale on a piece of
software to the list before querying others about their experience isn't
very meaningful.

I actually asked others that I have lunch with who work in various
different linux environments if they've experienced any issues with the
latest FF and it was a blank consensus of nothing to report besides the
usual grips with Flash being a memory hog and ruining their life.

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