qemu-kvm Trying to "Write" to a cdrom/sr0 ?? , Why?

Phil Meyer pmeyer at themeyerfarm.com
Mon Jun 28 22:51:49 UTC 2010

On 06/28/2010 11:59 AM, Jim wrote:
> FC13
> Selinux is in "permissive" mode
> Why would qemu-kvm try to  "Write" to a cdrom, instead of "Read" ?

We use virt-manager here a lot now.

You do not need to ask for a local connection, that is assumed.

Here is an example:

virt-install --noreboot \
--hvm \
--virt-type=kvm \
--pxe --name=008001-foo.com \
--ram=1024 \
--vcpus=1 \
--arch=x86_64 \
--uuid=4b5e0cc6-7366-4ca4-a581-10ea0c9f86f0 \
--os-type=linux \
--os-variant=rhel6 \
--disk path=/dev/mapper/008001 
--network=bridge=br1,model=virtio,mac=RANDOM \
--vnc \
--vnclisten= \
--noautoconsole \

With --noreboot and --wait, our script that calls virt-install can check 
exit status, virsh edit (via EDITOR=ed) xml files and then start them up.

If you look at the python scripts, the os-type, os-variant, and arch set 
up a number of defaults.  You should use them.

We have centos-5.5, f13, ubuntu-10, windows-2k3, and windows-2k8 working 
well.  Our group does not intend to test windows-xp again, and its been 
a year since we last did, so no help there.

As for -c cdrom, that looks like a mess.  We always install VMs over PXE 
now, so I cannot confirm the selinux issue, sorry.

Good Luck!

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