What the %$%@ is up with firefox

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Tue Jun 29 02:18:14 UTC 2010

On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 1:00 PM, Michal <michal at ionic.co.uk> wrote:

> as issues, but those issues don't seem to affect
> > Chrome as much.  I don't have Chrome suddenly go away while I'm perusing
> > some website as often happens with Firefox.  But even when I'm not
> > visiting sites that use flash FF still consumes a lot of memory. At
> > least once a day I have to stop and restart FF because it stops
> > rendering pages correctly or refuses to render a page.
> >
> > Paolo
> To be honest, a lot of people would agree with you...but since this
> isn't @lists.firefox.org maybe this convo has gone far enough
But there is a Fedora issue here.  Why would anyone sane try to use
bleeding-edge Fedora for multi-media web surfing?

Use Windows or install a real or virtual Ubuntu somewhere to do that kind of
messing around.  Use the free Windows that came with your box and install a
virtual Fedora box (assuming your system is up to it).  Run a separate
Fedora box from your Windows box and import X applications from your Fedora
box using Cygwin-X.  The possibilities are almost endless, but there is one
constant: keep Flash off your Fedora box.

One of the myths about Linux is that you can do anything on downscale
hardware.  If you're running an older box, some graphical applications will
make your box show its age.  An old box free of tons of graphical crap can
still do amazing things in Linux.  Set realistic expectations, don't expect
magic, and use something other than Fedora for multi-media web surfing.


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