What the %$%@ is up with firefox

Robert Myers rbmyersusa at gmail.com
Tue Jun 29 14:17:48 UTC 2010

On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 11:47 PM, Joel Rees <joel.rees at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Jun 29, 2010, at 11:18 AM, Robert Myers wrote:
> > But there is a Fedora issue here.  Why would anyone sane try to use
> > bleeding-edge Fedora for multi-media web surfing?
> Just curious, are you talking about rawhide or 64 bit? Please be a
> little more specific. Otherwise, you could hit someone's hot-buttons.
> (Mine, for instance.)

I'm talking about Fedora, which has no aim to be a Windows replacement,

> > Use Windows
> Begging your pardon?
> > or install a real or virtual Ubuntu somewhere to do that kind of
> > messing around.
> F12 on 32 bit AMD is quite stable for me, although, if I could afford
> the RAM and cpu and motherboard upgrade for virtualization (When did
> the requirements shoot through the roof?) I'd definitely surf sandboxed.
> (Even F12 on my iBook, well, gnash handles some of the Flash
> dependent sites.)

The requirements for GUI Linux have been shooting through the roof for

> > Use the free Windows that came with your box
> Showing our biases, are we?

What bias.  I hate Windows.  If you want to see how the web looks to someone
other than a geek, you have to use Windows.

> It ain't free, and there are a lot of users here whose computers have
> never booted MSWindows. (Well, my AMD box was tested at the store
> with MSWIndows before they wiped it and turned it over to me, but not
> since.)

You are asking a lot from your box.

> > and install a virtual Fedora box (assuming your system is up to it).
> Huge assumption, there, although, if we are talking 64 bit, maybe not
> so huge.

If your system isn't up to it, then your system isn't up to it.

> >  Run a separate Fedora box from your Windows box
> Many people's living arrangements don't allow for casually adding
> another box.

Then maybe you have to make some choices about what to expect and what not
to expect from your box.

> > and import X applications from your Fedora box using Cygwin-X.  The
> > possibilities are almost endless, but there is one constant: keep
> > Flash off your Fedora box.
> Are you saying that because Adobe can't seem to fix the hole in their
> Flash for GNU/Linux?
> Or are you saying that because it's not stable on your system?

I'm saying that because Flash is nothing but a source of problems, even on
Windows.  I want to keep problems off my Fedora boxes so that I can count on
a clean environment.  I hate ever to agree with Steve Jobs, but, on this
issue, I'm on his side.  In any case, if you experience problems with Flash,
don't blame it on the OS.

> > One of the myths about Linux is that you can do anything on
> > downscale hardware.
> Heh. One of the myths about computers is that you can do anything at
> all.
> I'm not sure what to do with a comment like that, especially because I
don't know how old you are.  This is really not the forum, though, for a
broad-ranging discussion of how limited computers really are, in part
because of the ways we misuse them.

> >  If you're running an older box, some graphical applications will
> > make your box show its age.
> Graphical? As in the Gimp, or as in 3D modeling, or as in GUI?


> >  An old box free of tons of graphical crap can still do amazing
> > things in Linux.  Set realistic expectations, don't expect magic,
> > and use something other than Fedora for multi-media web surfing.
> I'm wondering what you mean by multi-media web surfing, because there
> sure is a lot that falls under that label that my 1.6 MHz Sempron
> 2600 or whatever with only 760MB RAM or whatever after it pulls out
> the video RAM  (So, like, five or six years ago, isn't it?) handles
> reasonably well.

We had agreed to that this is not the place to discuss Firefox.  What you
regard as "reasonably well" and what I would regard as reasonably well
almost certainly aren't the same.  Firefox has had its ups and downs.

> Granted, there are many cases of websites that are intended only for
> the latest-greatest hardware, and there are many websites that
> deliberately target specific applications. If you're saying that
> people who want to visit such sites should go prepared for what those
> sites throw at you, I'll agree with that.
> I myself wouldn't suggest raw MSWindows to anyone, but stuff it in a
> VM, and you can visit the sites that are designed to use junk that
> only runs on MSWindows sort of safely. If you really, really, really
> want to. Sort of safely.

There isn't a safe way to surf the web, so far as I know.

> Right now, Adobe's flash for GNU/Linux has problems, and gnash is,
> well, always going to be a little behind unless Adobe decides to help
> out in a major way. Speaking of which, if all Fedora users avoid
> Flash, where does Adobe get their bug reports from?

If that's what you want to be doing with your life, have at it.

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