Save video stream?

Bob Goodwin bobgoodwin at
Tue Jun 29 19:57:40 UTC 2010

On 29/06/10 13:21, Rick Stevens wrote:
> vlc is available from rpmfusion via yum.  Try "yum list vlc*":
> [root at bigdog ~]# yum list vlc*
> Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit
> rpmfusion-free-updates                                   | 2.8 kB
> 00:00
> rpmfusion-nonfree-updates                                | 2.8 kB
> 00:00
> updates/metalink                                         |  13 kB
> 00:00
> updates                                                  | 4.5 kB
> 00:00
> Installed Packages
> vlc.x86_64            1.0.6-1.fc13                @rpmfusion-free
> vlc-core.x86_64       1.0.6-1.fc13                @rpmfusion-free

I had to use the instructions at "" to 
activate the repo and then installed VLC.

However VLC will not run the video.mjpg file. That will take some more 
> The URL you used is typical of a camera that gives you an MPEG via web
> access (D-Link cameras use this a lot).  There's a web server built
> into the camera that gives you that, but there's usually a method to
> access the live stream as well.  Look at the camera's docs.

Newegg had these cameras on sale a while back, inexpensive "wireless 
internet cameras" marked Zonet. I would not recommend them to anyone. 
The one looking at the pasture out back is in the attic of another 
building and it became intermittent in March as the weather began to 
warm. It turned out it was overheating in an ambient a little above 80° 
F. It had no ventilation in the plastic case, it was effectively an oven 
and with the sun shining on it it kept failing, radio signal and all 
would go out and would not come back up until power was recycled, the 
ultimate in inconvenience for me. Zonet's suggestion was try and return 
it to Newegg!

I eventually drilled vent holes in the case and added a tiny [45 mm 
12vdc] fan. We have had record heat this week in Virginia, 102°, and it 
has not missed a beat! I suspect that it would have worked well enough 
most of the time if it only had some ventilation as it came from the 
factory. Anyway that was an interesting exercise. The camera was spec'd 
to work to 45°C in the Newegg data.

And yes it is configured from the browser much like many other things. 
That part works well and I can run it at a low frame rate to preserve 
bandwidth on our LAN, etc.

Thanks to all for the help.

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