trembling laptop screen with f13

Bob Kinney bc98kinney at
Wed Jun 30 00:29:44 UTC 2010

--- On Mon, 6/28/10, Alexander Volovics <a.volovic at> wrote:

> From: Alexander Volovics <a.volovic at>
> Subject: trembling laptop screen with f13
> To: users at
> Date: Monday, June 28, 2010, 6:51 AM
> Hello,
> I installed Fed 13 on a laptop with Intel Core I5-430M CPU
> and integrated
> Intel HD graphics Media Accelerator.
> Everything works perfectly except for a 'trembling'
> (vibrating?) screen.
> It seems to be slightly more pronounced when running on
> battery.
> This is irritating and tiring after a couple of hours.
> Anybody else experience this on laptops with Intel Core
> I3/I5/I7 CPU's
> using Intel HD graphics. Could it be the Intel driver?
> If I am the only one seeing this should I report it as a
> bug?
> Alexander

Sounds like a problem I'm having with the recent kernels on
an HP 8430 laptop with an ATI video chip.  The effect is
comparable to vertical hold problems on TVs of yesteryear,
only super fast.  Only the original kernel from the DVD
(2.6.31? - I'm not at the machine right now) provides
stable video.

Fortunately, the updater only seems to overwrite the later
kernels and leaves this one alone.  No idea where this 
behavior comes from, but it suits me well.

I'll be watching this thread.  Please let us know if you
figure it out.



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