Left mouse button stops working periodically

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Wed Jun 30 16:01:24 UTC 2010

On 06/30/2010 09:38 AM, Wendell Nichols wrote:
> 3 times in about as many weeks my left mouse button has ceased to 
> function.  I cannot associate this with any particular activity.  
> Because you can't do much without that button I have to reboot my laptop 
> to get out of it.  This mouse is a bluetooth mouse, but while the 
> problem exists the builtin mice don't work either.
> Has anyone else seen this problem?
> Does anyone have a way to track down the source of this problem?
> My system is:
> lenovo thinkpad t61p
> fedora 12 (64 bit)
> using gnome desktop

   I have a different problem on T61p tho possibly related - I use 2
different BT mice.

  Since installing f13, there are times when the mouse gets disconnected
from the laptop (both mice, 1 brand new). I have to power cycle the
mouse to get f13 to see it again then all is well. Happens in mid use
... suddenly light goes from blue to green on mouse - nothing in log file.

   However while mouse is working _ get a ton of messages like this:

  kernel: btusb_bulk_complete: hci0 urb ffff88010f94ed80 failed to
resubmit (1)

   Happens randomly - never saw this problem with f12 ... I would have
suspected the mouse but since 1 is brand new it seems less likely.
Kensington Si670m.


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