Compiling a kernel problems

Rick Stevens ricks at
Wed Jun 30 23:15:40 UTC 2010

On 06/30/2010 03:31 PM, Alex wrote:
> Hi,
>>> It's either a kernel bug or I'm missing something, like ACPI drivers,
>>> or something else that it depends on.
>> Are you sure the initrd ramdisk got rebuilt?
> You mean the modules are for the correct kernel version, right? Yes,
> and I've even built it manually.
> I'm going to try and build a 2.6.33 and see if it is any different.

No, I mean verifying that the "/boot/initramfs-(kernelversion).img"
file got built with your driver installed.  It's created with dracut and
specified in the grub configuration to load any modular drivers needed
to bring up your root filesystem.

Alternately you can build the required disk drivers into the kernel
directly and not use an initramfs.  You only need the drivers necessary
to mount your root filesystem.
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