Where to put local Latex *.sty files under Fedora11

reg at dwf.com reg at dwf.com
Mon May 3 22:30:49 UTC 2010

> Am 03.05.2010 17:30, schrieb reg at dwf.com:
> > There used to be a place to put local *.sty files for Latex so that they would 
> > be found.  Under the current latex under Fedora11 I cant figure out where
> > that directory might be and am having to copy them into the directory
> > with the *.tex file to get them recognized.  Not nice.
> What I've done for some time is to define the TEXINPUTS environment
> variable, e.g.
> TEXINPUTS=/home/user/.latex:
> The double colon at the end is important, otherwise LaTeX would ignore
> the default path.

That works, and is much better than whatever it was that I did in the past.
This way, everything is in my home directory, and I don't have to worry about
it going away when I update the system.

                                        reg at dwf.com

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