Can't Install Fedora Core 11 or Core 12 on a IBM 9114-275 (Intellistation 275)

Jim Dauven jim at
Wed May 5 20:31:37 UTC 2010

For people who don't know the Intellistation 275 is a 1.45 Ghz power4+
processor pSeries IBM system that normally runs AIX.

However we have so many of them that we are throwing them away.  I have
latched on to one to build me up a 4 GB of RAM and 300 GB Ultra 320 SCSI
Disk DB2 server with a Web Based interface.   I installed Fedora Core 10
on it with out any problems.  

Just type in "linux64" at the yaboot prompt and watch it go.

However when I put in a Core 11 or a Core 12 Install CD and type in
linux64 at the yaboot prompt, it starts loading the kernel and then
throws a read error, and never finishes loading the elf64 kernel.

I suspect that there is a problem with the memory stack not being large
enough to contain the elf64 kernel.  Since both Fedora Core 11 and Core
12 are doing the same thing, on 4 different DVD's I think it is a
firmware memory problem. 

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