seeking resolution to Network Device difficulties

Petrus de Calguarium kwhiskerz at
Thu May 6 16:52:05 UTC 2010

I installed a new motherboard into my desktop computer 2 days ago. As a 
consequence, I now have a different network device.

The old network device was shown as eth0 and it obviously is no longer 
installed in my computer and it always had a particular IP address on my 
local netowrk.

The new network device ought to be the new eth0, since the old one was 
physically removed, but it is not: it is shown as eth1 and it no longer has 
the same IP address that this computer used to have on my local network, but 
a new one.

This causes a number of problems:

Firstly, NetworkManager no longer starts the network when I log in; I have to 
manually click the 'system eth0' icon for it to do so (note that the 
knetworkmanager applet shows the system wired internet as eth0, even though 
the device is actually eth1, but I really would like it to be eth0).

Secondly, as my IP address on the local network is now changed, any scripts 
that refer to this computer by IP address (sftp, fuse-ssh, etc) must be 
changed, and also my router required me giving access to another computer on 
my local network with this new IP address, even though the old one that I 
wish to continue using is vacant.

How can I get this back to how it was: my only network interface should be 
eth0, NetworkManager should start the wired internet automatically at boot 
instead of me having to click to start, and I want eth0 to have the former IP 
address which is currently vacant?

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