static ip in f11, f12 using networkmanager

jackson byers byersjab at
Mon May 10 18:04:20 UTC 2010

Phil Meyer wrote:

> Depending upon what you want to do.

> Will you ever use a Cell card on this system?
> Will you ever change IPs temporarily, or often?

> It can be useful to let Network Manager manage the ifcfg-eth0 file.

> If you set:

> Network Manager will 'keep and eye' on the file,
> and automatically make any changes you specify there,
> without having to restart anything.

> This also allows Network Manager to decide if that route is
> still appropriate if you plug in and play with another network device,
> such as a cell card, a USB dongle, wireless dongle,
> bluetooth dongle to use your cell phone, etc etc

> You can also play tricks with network based applications like ntpd, and tell Network Manager only to run ntpd if eth0 is up and active.

> Lots of options with NM in control,
> but on a fixed IP stationary workstation or server,
>  it is still best to continue to use just the old network scripts and turn NM off.
$ uname -r
My box is a wired wkstation, no wless.
I understand how to use old network scripts and turn NM off.
So, I could do that,
but I am trying to to learn how to actually implement
using a static ip for eth0 using NM.
In my f12, I tried to use a copy of my f10 static ip ifcfg-eth0(my f10
used network, not NM)
but with NM_CONTROLLED=yes,
and just as Phil described, ifconfig then shows eth0 with my static
in place of the dhcp f12 had been using,
-looked good!

-But I had lost internet connection, unable to even ping

-And I had a lot of trouble getting back to my orig NM dhcp.

 I had retained backup copies of the NM file ifcfg-eth0.bak
 and also of my modified ifcfg-eth0.f10.bak
 in the same network-scripts directory, which is evidently a bad thing to do.
When i renamed those backup copies to  bak.ifcfg-eth0, bak.ifcfg-eth0.f10,
and got rid of ifcfg-eth0~,
I was then able to get back to my NM dhcp, and internet connection restored.
So I am back to where I started.

I am guessing that those ifcfg-eth0.bak copies prevented my new fixed ip from
internet connection also.
So I could retry, and will, but I would like to know if anyone
on this list is using NM with static IP, and if so
could they give me explicit directions as to how they did it?

There does seem to be an option in the gui System-Admin-network
but I would rather not use the gui if possible.

I also don't understand what is the use of NM_CONTROLLED=no,
which is what I had in my f10 when running network not NM.
When I run network, NM is turned off,
so what effect or use is  NM_CONTROLLED=no in that case?
Or under what conditions would one use NM_CONTROLLED=no?

thanks for any advice

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