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On 05/14/2010 10:28 AM, Nermin Celik wrote:
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> Technical argument(s):
>    Technicans say: Sophos Anti Virus only supports Red Hat not Fedora
>    Me: confused. Not whole heartedly convinced, hence have posted a
> message here.
> "Since fedora and redhat are almost the same" shouldn't Sophos Anti
> Virus be also supported by Fedora?

'Supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux' is just a different way of saying 'we 
have tested this only on RHEL and nothing breaks'.

Since RHEL is more or less based on the release of Fedora that was current at 
the time of the RHEL release, it is pretty likely that Sophos would work on 
Fedora too.

In any case, don't be too averse to letting them install RHEL on your system. 
The advantages of doing that are:

a. RHEL is much more stable and well supported than Fedora
b. Even in the event that something does break you get to complain to both your 
technicians (perhaps loudly) as well as Red Hat and also are entitled to a 
resolution of your bug (unlike Fedora where bug fixing is a volunteer effort).
c. A lot of the Fedora packages that are not normally available in RHEL are 
available in EPEL:

here's a bit about RHEL:

Remember, officially Fedora is not recommended for production systems.

- steve

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