F13 Delayed-Please Include OpenOffice On LiveCD...

birger birger at birger.sh
Tue May 18 21:34:36 UTC 2010

On Wed, 2010-05-19 at 02:11 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> The Live CD has already been finalized.  There will no such changes at
> this point.  Fedora includes very comprehensive locale support and we
> opted to not include Openoffice.org because of that.  However the
> desktop team is considered doing a Live DVD and perhaps you will see
> that in the next release. 

How about:

A LiveCD image that can be installed to memory stick like today, but
detects the presence of more disk (overlay mount) and offers to add any
missing packages needed to bring it up to ...

The LiveUSB / LiveDVD (Lets face it, memory sticks are a better target
than DVD's) image. This would be the image I would expect to include a
complete OpenOffice.org, vym, dia, evolution with evolution-mapi,
empathy/telepathy with a working purple-sipe extension and so on, as
well as the full complement of multimedia apps, games, development

I would see the LiveCD image as the toolbox when you need a quick
download, install on any kind of optical or memory stick media, and then
extend with whatever you need. The larger image would presumably be the
one installed on the 2 toolbox memory sticks I usually carry around (one
32-bit and one 64-bit).


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