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Steven Stern subscribed-lists at
Tue May 18 22:06:53 UTC 2010

On 05/18/2010 03:50 PM, Jeff Sadino wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I was wondering what everyone's opinion is as to the best
> command/program to use for backups?  I don't need to preserve the
> partition table, basically just copy files to a backup hard drive.
> Thanks!
> Jeff

Here's my script to backup to an external USB drive

[sdstern at sds-desk ~]$ cat /usr/local/bin/do-backup
#! /bin/sh
cd /media/MyBookLX/sds-desk
echo deleting oldest backup
rm -fr backup.9
echo rolling backups
mv backup.8 backup.9
mv backup.7 backup.8
mv backup.6 backup.7
mv backup.5 backup.6
mv backup.4 backup.5
mv backup.3 backup.4
mv backup.2 backup.3
mv backup.1 backup.2
echo copying backup to backup.1
cp -al backup backup.1
echo updating backup
touch /last_backup_ts
rsync -va --exclude-from /usr/local/bin/do-backup-excludes --delete /
cd /
echo Wait for external drive to settle
sleep 30
umount /media/MyBookLX
echo USB drive ejected

[sdstern at sds-desk ~]$ cat /usr/local/bin/do-backup-excludes

-- Steve

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