Screensaver weirdness with nvidia/nouveau

Sam Varshavchik mrsam at
Wed May 19 11:11:07 UTC 2010

Andrew Haley writes:

> I wonder if anyone else has seen this.
> This is F12, gnome, nouveau video driver.  I have my screensaver setup as
> Regard computer as idle after 1 minute
> Power management:
> Put display to sleep when inactive for 5 minutes
> Sometimes the screen blanks, sometimes it doesn't.  I can't find any real
> pattern to this: recently the screensaver/power down seemed to stop
> working for days, and then it started working yesterday.
> I was wondering if this was maybe related to running a vnc server, but
> it's very hard to tell.  Any ideas?

I had observed on an F12 machine that uses the mach64 driver that the 
monitor won't get powered off if no keyboard or mouse activity occurs after 
a reboot. gdm is configured to autologin, so a reboot automatically logs me 
into my desktop. If I do not touch the keyboard or mouse, the screensaver 
will kick in, but the monitor won't get turned off.

I have to punch something to the keyboard. Only then, after a suitable 
delay, would the monitor get powered off.

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