F-12 lost audio -

Bob Goodwin bobgoodwin at wildblue.net
Sat May 22 18:32:16 UTC 2010

    Two or three days ago I lost audio output on this up to date F12
    computer. I use the audio for an alarm and to notify me of incoming
    e-mail and miss having those functions.

    aplay /usr/share/sounds/purple/login.wav produces no sound although
    I can see a level bar in "Pulseaudio Volume Control" showing good
    audio level, the Alsa settings are unchanged from what they usually
    are, and I tried an earlier Kernel.

    When I run:

        [bobg at box6 ~]$ pulseaudio -D
        E: main.c: Daemon startup failed.   [perhaps 'cause it's already

    Several days ago I ran  "pulseaudio -k" during an episode where my
    CPU usage had gone to max, I -think- that may be when I lost sound.
    I don't know if the above result is meaningful?

    I can run:

        [bobg at box6 ~]$ pulseaudio --start

    and it seems to work, there's no error message produced but still no
    sound except for the level bars in the pulseaudio volume control

    This is not a major problem but an annoyance since sound usually
    just works and I don't know how to troubleshoot it further.

    Any suggestions appreciated.



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