Need an eth0:1 temporarily, howto?

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Sun May 23 18:26:38 UTC 2010

On Sunday 23 May 2010, Darr wrote:
>On Sun 23 May 2010 @ 16:06:31 zulu, Gene Heskett scribed:
>> Well, at some point I have to move cables and then
>> convince this cable modem its a valid client, probably
>> by cloning the right MAC address.
>Often you can just power down the cable modem for
>a half hour or so, and when you bring it back up (then
>the device on your side of it) the port with the ACL
>will accept/store the new MAC address. That depends
>on the provider, of course, but most have implemented
>a time out so their support techs don't have to manually
>edit ACLs every time a customer buys a new computer.
Power down in this case means battery removal too as it has a standby for the 
phones that good for an hour or so.  AARIS modem, whatever that means.  No 
docs with it.  A mini cd that contains the legal crap in 23 languages of 
course.  Like Bill said 400 years ago, first we kill all the lawyers. ;-)

Cheers, Gene
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